Universal DSLR Camera Lens Cap 2019

universal cap for dslr lens

To DSLR photography fans, camera lenses are all our infants. And while we do just as much as we are the ideal camera, lens covers drop from luggage and have lost manner too readily – I mean, getting the proper angle will get fairly intense occasionally.

A Kickstarter job has a solution for this frequent issue that does not involve using a sock to protect that valuable lens, or even worse, going capless. The KUVRD Universal Lens Cap is your 1 size fits all cap that’s going to become your camera’s newest companion.

universal cap for dslr lens

When KUVRD’s manufacturers say worldwide, they are not exaggerating. These patented ion lens caps can seemingly extend from 60mm to 150mm. Irrespective of whether you are a Nikon, Canon, or Sony individual (or, for example, literally some other manufacturer you can think of) the conductive substance makes KUVRD a one-size-fits-all item.

Although the page guarantees that these will be the insurances you may depend on, they provide a lifetime guarantee just in case. Oh, and in addition, it claims to be more economical than nearly any other worldwide lens cap available on the market at only $30 each. We are in.

Benefits of Universal Lens Cap

  • Protect from Element
  • Never drops off. Never lose it.
  • Adjustable Lens cap
  • Use in any DSLR Lens
  • Easy to use

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