Why you Use Telephoto Lenses in 2019?

why you use telephoto lens

A telephoto lens is intended for photographing distant areas like sports and wildlife occasions.

A telephoto lens is a sort of camera lens made for taking photos of subjects in medium to far distances. Also called a”telephoto lens” or even”long lens”, they’re a kind of long-focus lens that uses a particular internal structure to provide them a more focal length considerably longer than the period of the lens. This makes them lighter, smaller, and simpler to manage, while still giving outstanding long-lived capacities.

Telephoto lenses are generally used when photographing sports events, wildlife, and also at any other cases where the photographer can not get near the subject. They’re also well known in macro and portrait photography because they create a pleasing, natural view free from the distortion brought on with a lens that is mirrored.

Telephoto camera lenses come in both”prime” (fixed focal length) and zoom types. Individuals with fixed focal points are usually of high quality, but zoom lenses supply the obvious benefit of greater versatility.

Focal lengths normally begin at approximately 85mm and stretch around 800mm and outside. Longer focal lengths can catch more remote detail but can also be more expensive, larger, and thicker.

Different types of Telephoto Lens

Below we have divided Telephoto Lens in his capacity of Range and Zoom Capability. we divided in 3 Part Every Telephoto Lens.

use of telephoto lens


These are perfect for shooting pictures and candid shots (for instance at weddings), in which you’re very near the subject but do not wish to intrude too much. They’re lightweight and compact and may be hand held for shooting.


These lenses are very popular with action and sports photographers that can become quite near the action, such as standing on the sidelines. For this kind of photography, an aperture is essential in minimizing blur, especially when photographing fast-moving subjects.


Most amateur photographers aren’t going to want a telephoto lens with such a long focal length, however, they’re a favorite choice among professional wildlife and nature photographers, in addition to sports photographers that can not get really near the actions (e.g. motorsport photographers).

The longest lenses possess telescope-like magnification, which makes them excellent for astrophotography, even though they may be exceedingly pricey.

Use of Telephoto Lens

Telephoto lenses have a great number of applications and may be an excellent tool at a photographer’s arsenal. To determine exactly how flexible they are, here are just 8 best methods you can use a telephoto lens.

telephoto lens

1. Bring Far Subjects Close

The telephoto effect these lenses need to produce things, which may actually have rather a great deal of space between them, seem as though they’re sat near together. The more your focal length, the more clear the impact will be.

It is helpful once you’ve got a city skyline or hills in the background which will provide you a much more enjoyable and satisfying shot if they have pulled somewhat closer to the item closer to your own lens e.g. the bridge, construction or boulder that is your primary point of attention.

2. Fill The Frame

If you would like to exclude some portion of what is on your framework e.g. a dull grey sky that is at the background of your landscape shot, then use a telephoto lens to concentrate in on the vibrant shrub line instead of using the trees and skies in a shot.

It is going to also pull on a remote subject closer to you, which means that you may acquire frame-filling shots of bashful wildlife or of a specific facet of the landscape that is too much for you to reach.

3. Pick Distant Topics Out

If you wish to draw attention to a specific factor that would be missing if taken using a broader focal length, then use a telephoto lens to isolate your topic.

You can achieve this with shorter focal points, but the more reach of a telephoto means that you may isolate a topic that has some distance away from where you are shooting.

4. Capture Shots Of Wildlife

For a telephoto lens closes the space between you and everything you are photographing, it is a perfect lens for photographing wildlife. Using a camera lens, you will have the ability to take shots which seem like you’re only a couple of steps away from the topic if actually, you’re some distance off.

This space means your subject will not be frightened off and if you are shooting what might be regarded as a dangerous creature, space makes it easier for you.

5. Photograph The Moon

Your shots will not be as great as people using telescopes, but it is still possible to find excellent shots of the moon using a very long telephoto lens. In addition to a lengthy lens, you need a tripod, clear skies, fantastic weather, remote/cable discharge, a couple of hours to spare and decent technique.

6. Portraits

Shooting head or shoulder and headshots using a more focal length may give a much better view and enables a tighter crop when working farther away from the topic. This space also means that you don’t need to work too near your subject and because of this they will be comfier, and you’re going to have more natural looking portraits.

You will also have the ability to capture pictures with no distortion and wallpapers tend to be somewhat more readily thrown out of attention, even if they’re merely a few meters behind the topic, meaning all concentrate drops directly in your topic.

Just keep your eye on your shutter speed when functioning hand-held, however, since you do not want to shake off your shot.

7. Shallow Depth Of Field

As stated previously, telephoto lenses make it a lot easier to find the fuzzy backgrounds in photos that isolate your topic and make them the focus of your photo.

You do not need a distracting background detail competing for the viewer’s attention along with a shallow depth of field will make certain that this doesn’t occur.

8. Capture Action

For the fast-paced activity, you can not get near e.g. motorsport and flying occasions, you’re going to want the more focal lengths telephotos to provide you like the majority of the time, it is going to be impossible to get near the action.

To create a feeling of speed, use your telephoto lens to take a couple of shots where your subject is sharp but the background is well thrown out of attention.

How great you’re in planning, what shutter speed you use, how quickly your subject is moving and just how much light’s about will make this job harder / easier each time you go into the monitor, but do it a couple of days and you will shortly perfect your strategy.


Quality varies substantially from the telephoto lens marketplace. If you’re not on a really tight budget or are only looking to experiment, then avert mirror lenses in favor of premium refractive lenses.

telephoto camera lens

While purchasing a telephoto lens, you typically get what you pay for. If you can not afford your perfect lens, it is often much better to wait instead of purchasing a less expensive equal which proves to be poor.

Assess online reviews and inquire on forums to have recommendations and opinions on particular versions, then search around to locate a fantastic price. Online stores like Amazon and Adorama generally offer you the best prices.